Reasons to use SmartMove Tenant Verification Service:

For Your Clients

  • Rental credit application and criminal screening for their prospective tenants — today
  • Performed by TransUnion, so they can trust the results
  • Online process, results within minutes

For Yourself

  • You choose who pays: you or the applicant
  • No membership requirements to get access to credit report
  • Manage multiple properties from one account

Pricing Options

Tenant Screening

  • Credit-Based ResidentScore
  • Credit screening certified by TransUnion
  • Customized leasing recommendation and deposit amount
  • National criminal background check

Are you a landlord? Learn how SmartMove can benefit you.

QuickCheck PLUS
Tenant Screening

  • All the features of QuickCheck Tenant Screening PLUS

Full Credit Report

Eviction Report

Are you a property manager? Learn how SmartMove can benefit you.

Who Pays for SmartMove?

As a real estate agent, you choose to pay for the tenant verification service or have the client or applicant pay. Either way, there’s no charge until you use it.